Distribution of Funds Donated


Hello, I'm Wayne Allyn Root.

I'm the Founder of "Root for the Wall PAC" and I want to be transparent with you about how the PAC will operate and use the funds we receive when you make a contribution. There will be no surprises with my PAC.

My goal is simple: raise money so President Trump can build the wall. Whether we raise $10,000, or $100,000, or $1,000,000, or $100,000,000, or $1 billion, I want to show President Trump that his voters passionately stand behind him and want to help. I want President Trump to know we have his back. I want to motivate President Trump to get this wall built - no matter how difficult and complicated the battle may be.

Every contribution makes a difference.

I want to be transparent about how contributions made to Root for the Wall PAC will be spent. The PAC received loans to offset its startup costs so monthly loan repayments and the costs of credit card processing fees, legal and compliance fees, and other unavoidable PAC expenses to keep our message on the air will be deducted from the gross contributions received. 

After those deductions, our priority is using the funds received to build the wall. The PAC has also hired a marketing firm to manage and expand this very complicated TV and radio, online, email and direct mail advertising campaign. 

Detailed reports related every penny received and spent by Root for the Wall PAC can be found by reviewing the PAC’s regularly filed reports with the Federal Election Commission.

The money we send to the United States government will be restricted solely for the purpose of building the wall. If the U.S. government refuses to accept the money we send for that purpose, the PAC will use that money to support the best conservative Congressional candidates who pledge to make building the wall their FIRST priority once elected.

Candidates who receive money from Root for the Wall PAC will ONLY be those who are staunch supporters of President Trump’s border wall. Either way, I want the money raised by "Root for the Wall PAC" to be instrumental in helping President Trump build the wall and protect our borders.

To ensure Root for the Wall PAC operates with the highest ethical standards and complies with all applicable laws and regulations, the PAC hired a law firm specializing in campaign finance law to guide the PAC through the complex regulatory and legal landscape of campaign finance law.

Contributions to Root for the Wall PAC will only be used as I’ve provided here. This is our pledge.

It doesn't get more transparent than that.

Wayne Allyn Root, Founder
Root for the Wall PAC